Think Differently

Yesterday, blogger Margaret Felice wondered if she should have messed up her life more. She wrote that if she had made more mistakes she would have more interesting things to blog about.

But boring can be beautiful. What appears to be “interesting stories” are really just the same old drama. And those who have a “boring” personal life have the freedom to live truly interesting lives and write truly interesting stories.

So, with apologies to Apple, Here’s to the Boring Ones:

Here’s to the boring ones. The stable. The conservative. The drama-free. The people who have their act together. The ones who see the world as it is. They understand the rules. And they don’t believe in chaos for the sake of chaos. You can ignore them, admire them, mock them or praise them. But you can’t do without them. Because they steady things. They allow the human race to move forward. While some may see them as the boring ones, we see them as genius. Because the people who are secure enough to be boring have the freedom to be crazy without being insane.

Think Differently: Be yourself.

Edit: The boring ones would use correct grammar, unlike the Apple ad campaign. Thus, Think Differently.


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