7 Quick Takes (Volume 2)

— 1 —

K and I have decided to help with premarital counseling at our (my) parish. We figured that after 10+ years of marriage, we think we might know something about it. We met with the coordinating couple last night. We discussed the FOCCUS test and it is supposed to get couples to talk about potential issues before they get married.

Seems like it will be interesting. We’re about the same age (32/30) as many of the couples getting married, so we’ll see if that’s helpful or awkward.

We also get to help at the diocese’s Engaged Encounter weekend. The site is roughly between our house and my office, so it’s easy for us to be available.

— 2 —

The Secret to Wedded Bliss

The Secret to Wedded Bliss

Perhaps we should give couples blogger Leah Libresco’s advice to couples contemplating marriage:

Of course, I guess I could say that this boils down to the advice I gave a friend who was unsure of whether he and his girlfriend had a future together.  ”You should build a trebuchet together,” I said.  ”If you can’t build a siege weapon as partners and enjoy it, then how can you expect to enjoy forming each other’s character and raising children?”

Besides, you never know when siege weaponry will come in handy in a marriage.

— 3 —

Speaking of being “unequally yolked”, as soon as I start following her on twitter, I find out that blogger Esther Elizabeth’s husband has decided to join the Catholic Church.


I found I was surprised about (1) how incredibly happy I am for them and (2) how I am just a bit jealous. While I respect and understand K’s reasons for not being Catholic, I never realized just how much I wished we had a common faith.

But as the post points out, it’s not my job to convert her. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit .

— 4 —

Trista at Not a Minx, Moron, or Parasite told me about a post at Seraphic Singles that discussed a disturbing trend of young Catholic men discussing Theology of the Body on the first date. The post noted that even secular culture usually waited until the third date to talk about “mutual self-giving”.

Which immediately made me think of bad Theology of the Body pickup lines. Such as:

“You want to be closer to God? How about we participate in the Inner Life of the Trinity together? (…when married, of course.)”

“Let me buy you a drink. Because I’m all about TOTAL self-giving. (…when married, of course)”

If you have any bad Theology of the Body pickup lines, post them in the comboxes or tweet them to the tag #BadTOBPickupLines. The cheesier and more over the top, the better.

I was hoping to work this into a post, but it looks like Mark Shea has already covered it. But it’s well worth a quick take.

— 5 —

JentoInfinity (aka Rabbit) was heartbroken that she was left out of 7QT last week, so I’ll give her a mention. She has changed the name of her blog to “Chronicles of Real Life“. She is also freelancing in the field of @udi0b**k publishing. So if you need someone to help you with your @udi0b**k, ask Jen.

— 6 —

Our 7QT host, Jennifer Fulwiler, continues to recover from her pulmonary embolisms. According to today’s post, she is “doing better than expected”, which I’m sure is due to all the prayers from everyone out there. She’s still got a ways to go and still has five small children (plus one on the way), so keep her in your prayers

— 7 —

This one is for JentoInfinity, Jennifer Fulwiler and all the other Jen-Xers out there:

Edit: I completely forgot about Jenn Garza’s vocation. Jenn wants to become a nun, but needs to pay off her student loans! http://www.supportjennsvocation.blogspot.com/

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (Volume 2)

  1. Anytime my younger sister is going out on a date my husband and I come up with awkward TOB pick-up lines just to make her feel uncomfortable 🙂
    Some of the best:

    “I love reading theology of the body but really I am a tactile learner.”

    “I would love to learn the theology of YOUR body.”

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