7 Quick Takes Vol. 3 – Do the Evolution

— 1 —

Today is the March for Life in Washington D.C. Apparently, there are a lot of young people participating in the march.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 7.31.11 PM

Some people say that the pro-life message appeals to young people: We are “ultrasound generation”, who have seen babies in the womb. Others say that those of us under the age of 40 know that we could have easily ended up on the wrong end of an abortion.

The other side says that we don’t know what the world was like before abortion was legal.

But I think the explanation isn’t quite so complicated…


Charles Darwin

Never bet against the side that believes in procreation. New life is the future.

It’s evolution, baby!

— 2 —

12_Raise_Standards_logo_v1This week is Catholic Schools week.

We are debating whether or not to send our daughters to Catholic school. Currently, they are enrolled in public school.

The public schools are supposedly the best in the area, but are nowhere near as good as where we used to live. Our daughters are incredibly bored. The Catholic school is excellent.

The problem is that the nearest Catholic school is a good 30 minutes away, which is a lot of travel time and family disruption. Not to mention the cost. We can afford the schools, but K knows several people who were annoyed that their parents spent so much money on private schools they had nothing for college.

(Yes, we know about homeschooling. K was homeschooled and we do not believe this is a good option for our family.)

Anyone have any experience with Catholic schools vs. public schools? Was it worth the time and money?

— 3 —

A broke her wrist Wednesday afternoon after school. She was doing something dangerous that involved going downhill on her scooter.

This little incident reminded me how incredibly thankful I am that we finally have really good health insurance for once. It also reminded me of how even with good health insurance, it can be hard to get good care when you live in a small town. She won’t get her cast until today.

— 4 —

Last week in my 27 Jennifers 7QT, I remembered JentoInfinity and Jennifer Fulwiler, but I forgot all about Jenn Garza. Jenn wants to become a nun, but has to pay down her student loans first so they do not become a burden on the community. (Taking a vow of poverty can’t get you out of student loan obligations. They just take the money from your community instead.)

So, if you want to help Jenn out, her website is: http://www.supportjennsvocation.blogspot.com/

— 5 —

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get in better shape. I’ve thought about Couch to 5k, but considering my flat feet and uneven legs (my left leg is slightly longer than my right), I’m thinking running might not be the way to go for me.

Does anyone have a good fitness program involving biking? Swimming? Any other activity to get in shape?

— 6 —

I have drafted a post reflecting on my work as an Catholic sex blogger.

Writing about sex from a Catholic perspective is difficult, and this post addresses exactly why I believe it is so difficult. But this post is definitely “stirring the pot”, so it’s sitting in draft for now. I don’t know whether to keep editing it, to post it, or to keep it in draft.

— 7 —

The Good Men Project has a list of 20 kick-ass songs about marriage. How many of these are in your playlist?

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 3 – Do the Evolution

    • It’s a lot of the themes I have written about before, but condensed into one “Here is the real problem” post.

      I’m trying to cut it down to keep it from being redundant, but still get my point across.

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