7 Quick Takes Volume 4

— 1 —

Wow, is it Friday already? 7QT snuck up on me this week. So did February for that matter.

— 2 —

Several other bloggers had an impromptu “series” on Protestant Purity Culture.

To dramatically oversimplify things, Purity Culture is a very messed up way of looking at love, sex, and relationships, and a lot of people have been hurt by it. Realizing what it was and how it has affected K and, therefore, our marriage has been enlightening.

Growing up as a lax Catholic, I had no idea what it was. Most Catholics are completely oblivious to it and can unintentionally say the wrong things to those who are recovering from it.

I might write a post about it on this blog or the other one, but for now it’s a quick take.

— 3 —

Elizabeth Esther mentions that her post on purity culture and virginity broke all records for her blog. She wonders if she should write about sex more often.

The Sheenazzing Awards are out and although Kate and I didn’t win, we did a lot better than I expected.

So far, my top posts on this blog are about sex as well. Which is ironic considering the purpose of this blog was to cover a wider variety of topics.

So, does sex sell or do people really want to talk about it?

— 4 —

And now for something completely different…

We looked at enrolling A and B in a nearby Catholic school. I was amazed. The children were all polite and well behaved. The curriculum was SO. MUCH. BETTER. than that in the public schools.

I’m not surprised by the quality of Catholic eduction, but I’m disappointed in just how bad even good public schools can be. Their motto seems to be “Lower the standards so everyone can pass them.”

— 5 —

Did I mention that Catholic schools have a lot of really great teachers? Like Mandi at Messy Wife, Blessed Life. She has a great 7QT about teaching at a Catholic school.

— 6 —

On the topic of Catholic schools, Cardinal Dolan has an article about the recent round of closings of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York.

Cardinal Dolan wonders why so few Catholics send their children to Catholics schools.

Umm, do you know how much tuition is, Your Eminence? Do you know how many “large Catholic families” homeschool because they can’t afford tuition. Do you know how many smaller Catholic families can’t afford tuition?

The reason why Catholic schools are closing is because no one, the bishops or the laity, want to do what needs to be done to make them an realistic option for many Catholic families.

— 7 —

I do read a variety of sources, but I have my favorite bloggers. Rae Jericho at No Wealth But Life and Vita Catholic is one of them. She was posting every day for the month of January, so there was always something new to read on her blog.

This week, each of us inspired the other to write a post:

In blogging, whatever gives you an idea (or a laugh) is a gift. Or as Rae said, “Misunderstanding is fine, so long as everyone benefits.”

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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