7 Quick Takes – Volume 5

— 1 —

The funny thing about blogging is that inspiration comes and goes. A couple of weeks ago, I was writing a post every day. But I haven’t posted since the last 7 quick takes.

Which means that I should probably pace myself and keep more posts in draft for the dry spells. But I’m impatient and like to post as soon as possible.

— 2 —

The girls visited the local Catholic school this week and absolutely loved it, so we are making the switch.

I then look at the tuition bill and realize that I do NOT live in a “low cost of living area”. If the public schools are unusable, it’s not low cost of living.

I think that the Catholic Church needs to take a serious look at how Catholic schools are funded because the tuition model puts in a lot of perverse incentives that undermine the teachings of the Church. How are families who believe that “Sacred Scripture and the Church’s traditional practice see in large families a sign of God’s blessing and the parents’ generosity.” Catechism of the Catholic Church § 2373, supposed to be able to afford a Catholic education for their children? Some of the most Catholic families I know do not see Catholic education as an option for their children for this reason.

— 3 —

If you haven’t seen, Kate has a “Date Night” linkup at Real Catholic Love and Sex.

So if you have any date night ideas, please share.

— 4 —

With the Super Bowl last week, there has been plenty of discussions about the ads and the halftime show.

Was Audi promoting having the courage to get the girl or sexual assault?

Was Beyoncé’s halftime show empowering or objectifying?

What the hell was GoDaddy thinking?

But the most divisive ad at the Super Bowl was from an unexpected source:

I really don’t understand the debate over this, because it’s obvious the cream only exists as a sugary glue to keep the two delicious chocolate cookies together. 🙂

Oh, and in other news, the Baltimore Ravens held off a late comeback from the San Francisco 49ers with a controversial non-call on 4th and Goal to win the game.

— 5 —

I got into a discussion about whether or not couples should learn NFP as a requirement for getting married in the Catholic Church. While it is not a requirement for the Sacrament of Marriage (and of no use to women beyond their reproductive years), I think that marriage preparation a great time to show couples that the Catholic Church really does have a very good option to help couples space their children according to the principles of responsible parenthood.

While some couples may be fortunate enough to never feel like they need NFP, most couples will. While there is nothing wrong with “honeymoon babies”, I agree with those who recommend using NFP at the beginning of the marriage so that couples can get used to the method and learn how to abstain in a healthy way before they really need it. Building a better marriage by learning marital chastity and how your fertility works is part of responsible parenthood.

Our diocese has no requirement, but we are considering offering our couples we counsel for marriage a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. The book is cheap on Amazon, it approaches the subject from a non-judgmental women’s health perspective, and it may get them to see this as a viable and healthy option instead of an absurd impossibility.

What are your thoughts on this?

— 6 —

I can tell I’m uninspired. I’m struggling to get seven quick takes out.

— 7 —

If all else fails, maybe I can talk about the weather?

We didn’t get any blizzard. Just a day of rain and followed by coldness here. Our weather is frequently unpredictable, but rarely interesting.

Everyone in the Northeast dealing with “Nemo”, be safe and stay warm!

Fortunately, experienced northeasterners are used to this. Unlike here in the South, where flurries send everyone into FULL PANIC MODE, making a run on the grocery stores for bread and milk.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Volume 5

  1. Ha! Thanks for the link. There was plenty of panic in the northeast this week too, but we layer a coating of disdain over the whole thing that would be quite unseemly in your neck of the woods.

  2. I agree that knowing how your fertility works is part of responsible parenthood, but I don’t think people should be required to go past a basic introduction. We use NFP and think it’s great, but not everyone needs it.

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