Date Night


With Valentine’s Day approaching, Kate at Real Catholic Love and Sex asks “How do you get ready for “Date Night?

Choosing the Date

The most important thing is choosing what kind of date you are going to have:

  • Something fun in the daytime?
  • Dinner and a movie?
  • Going out on the town?
  • A concert, play, or other specific event?
  • A nice romantic dinner followed by an early night in? 😉

Any of these can be a fun experience depending on what you want.

I think it’s a good idea to balance “romantic” dates with “fun” dates. “Intimate” dates with “activity” dates. It’s good to do different activities and keep things fresh.

Also, since we use NFP, we check the chart.  We all know what hot romantic dates in Phase II can lead to. 🙂

Getting Ready

For guys, getting ourselves ready is pretty easy. Basic hygiene, appropriate dress, perhaps a shave?

So, for me, preparation for the date means preparing the kids for the date.

If we have a babysitter, this means picking up the sitter. If we are taking the kids to Mimi’s/Grandma’s, this means getting the kids ready to go. This means making sure they have everything ready to go and the bags are loaded in the car. It also means keeping them out of trouble while K gets ready.

K always dresses up for date night. She looks stunning. Always. I make sure that I am well dressed too. It’s not for me, it’s for her. I don’t want her to be the beautiful woman with the complete slob of a husband.

The Date Begins

We leave the children with big hugs and kisses and tell them good night. Then the date can begin.

The drive is our chance to transition. To go out of parent mode into date mode. We like to take my car on date nights because it’s nicer, it’s not a minivan, and we can hold hands while I’m driving.

The Big Red Boat - Not a Minivan

The Big Red Boat (Not a minivan)

I put something romantic on the iPod and off we go.

The Perfect Date

There is no such thing as a perfect date. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like there is a lot of pressure to have a fantastic date, especially if you don’t get a date night very often. But the key to date night is to just relax and enjoy yourselves. Enjoy each other and reconnect.


One thought on “Date Night

  1. One of our favorite date nights is going out after dinner to a bar, to have a few drinks and play darts. It brings us back to our early dating days, and reminds us how much fun we have together!

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