7 Quick Takes – Volume 6

— 1 —

My daughters started Catholic school this week. This means that I have to get up early and drive them 30 minutes to school, which means my morning commute goes from 15 minutes to 50 minutes.

But they absolutely love it, they are learning a lot more than they did in public school. Most importantly, they are gaining an appreciation for the faith, which they hadn’t shown before. So, I would say it’s time and money well spent.

— 2 —

My post to change the conversation on sex has created a lot of conversations about sex. I have learned a lot from everyone: Catholics and Protestants, those who agree with me and those who don’t. I would like to thank everyone for keeping the conversation productive and civil.

I am currently drafting a “here’s what I learned post” that will probably be posted to the Real Catholic Love and Sex blog with a link from here.

— 3 —

Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Pope has resigned.

In all the media surrounding Benedict XVI, I realized that I had not fully appreciated his three encyclicals: God is Love, Saved By Hope, and Charity in Truth.  I look forward to his upcoming reflection on faith.

These are perhaps the best explanation of the Christian message I have ever read. So if you haven’t read them, go do so!

— 4 —

I heard an excellent recommendation to let your friends and family pick what you will give up for lent. They probably know what you really need to give up and perhaps don’t want to.

For me, my daughters decided that I should give up alcohol. Perhaps it was the way they said it that was the most convincing: “You should give up beer for lent. You drink it all the time.” “Daddy, please stop drinking alcohol.”

I’m not an alcoholic, I promise! But its something to give up for lent.

— 5 —

The children wanted to give up schoolwork and chores, which, of course, never works. But I did talk K into giving up all housework after 9:00PM.

You see, she likes having a neat house and she likes doing things her way, so she spends all evening cleaning up from dinner and the day and is exhausted by the end of it. By giving up housework in the late evenings for lent, this makes her let things go or delegate them (i.e. ask me to do them). Net result: A less tired wife and more time for us.

— 6 —

We are doing Valentines Day today. It’s a weekend, we have childcare, the restaurants are less crowded. No meat, but we were probably going to have pasta or seafood anyway.

And unlike yesterday, the charts are in our favor. 😉

That’s one of the “hidden benefits” of NFP. You learn to adapt and not put so much pressure on one specific date.

— 7 —

Because not being so concerned about dates can work well for you. Today, February 15,  is what we like to call National Chocoholics Day. It’s the day when all the Valentines Day candy goes on sale. So, if you haven’t given it up for lent, go buy yourself some discounted chocolates.

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