7 Quick Takes – Volume 9 (Laughing)

— 1 —

Tom Hooper wrote a humorous post about The Husband’s Monthly Cycle, pointing out the “cycle issues” of the (stereo)typical NFP husband.

Fortunately, NaBroTechnology can help guys better deal with “that time of the month”. Since I spent last evening writing about NaBroTechnology, this is going to be 7 Very Quick Takes.

— 2 —

One of the best things I ever did was take an improv class. In improv, you learn to think on your feet and be funny.

While improv appears to be completely improvisational, it’s really the result of a very structured process. There are various improv “games” and “rules” that provide a structure to what is happening on stage to ensure an entertaining result.

One of the most famous rules of improv is the “Yes, and…” rule. This means that you say “Yes” to whatever reality your stage partner creates AND you add something to it. This rule builds energy, allowing mundane phrases to quickly turn into absurd and funny realities.

— 3 —

I have found the best response to bad or inappropriate humor to be good humor. Nobody likes the easily outraged and humorless. Everybody likes a joke.

So if someone says something offensive or just plain wrong while trying to be funny, don’t get mad, turn the joke around. I find the most effective way of dealing with bad ideas or boorish people is to laugh at them.

— 4 —

The “Yes, and…” rule is part of NaBroTechnology. Need I say more? 😀

— 5 —

“Bad Catholic” Marc Barnes argues that Christian music should die. Priest’s Wife (Yes, she’s Catholic—Byzantine Rite) countered “I’d rather have Bible verses and cheesy chord progressions going through my and my kids’ headsthan the English lyrics to Gangnam Style. 

Bonnie Engstrom was concerned about kids picking up Mumford and Son’s f-bombs.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 10.27.08 AM

As for myself, this is a music themed blog, so I’ve got to side with Marc on this one. If my kids started belting out Little Lion Man, we’d have a little talk about appropriate language. (“I’m very proud of you for having good taste in music. Now don’t ever sing this around your grandmother.”)

If, however, my kids started belting out bad Protestant theology in the style of early 1990s junk pop or wannabe grunge, I would be very worried as a parent.

Besides, the best known openly Christian musician in the world famously dropped a big fat f-bomb on live television. Which I see as the best of both worlds. (And it’s not a big f—ing deal in the UK and Ireland.)

— 6 —

Many people complain that the Catholic Church is out of touch and badly run. It is.

First, there was the Vatican’s moving tribute to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI…


…elegantly laid out in Comic Sans.

Responsible for designing the Tribute. (Hat tip to Ironic Catholic.)

Responsible for designing the Tribute. (From Ironic Catholic.)

Today the all-male College of Cardinals voting to starting the all-male conclave to elect another man as Pope on International Women’s Day. The role of women in the Church is another discussion, but sheesh, guys, impeccable timing.

But this is nothing new. The Catholic Church has been badly run since Jesus left Peter in charge. That an organization so completely incompetent that they can’t hire a decent web designer to produce a photo tribute has managed to survive for nearly 2000 years shows that God must be behind it.

— 7 —

Many conservative Catholics have posted/retweeted outspoken Athiest Penn Gillette’s “defense” of the Papacy against liberal Catholic Piers Morgan.

Only problem is that Penn is an atheist. He’s not defending anything. He’s actually harshly criticizing the Papacy and the Catholic Church and mocking Piers Morgan for trying to have it both ways.

Some of the funniest moments happen when someone is the butt of a joke and doesn’t realize it.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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