7 Quick Takes – Volume 10 (Mr. Roboto)

— 1 —

We finally made the switch. It was long past time to upgrade our phones, so we got new ones. We went from the Android phones to twin iPhone 5s.


We’ve given the last bit of our digital souls to the Cult of Mac.

So far, we love it. We use Macs, so the iPhone integrates well. (Android + Mac is some sort of heresy.) Plus, the iPhone is a real iPod as opposed to the crappy iPod knockoff which is the best that even the nicest Android phones can do. Everything just works, which is more than i could ever say about the Android based phones.

— 2 —

One of the downsides of switching to the iPhone is that I had to give up the wonderful OvuView app for her charting. OvuView is loaded with features, including custom symptoms, chart interpretation, and cycle prediction, but it’s only for Android.

As a replacement, I have downloaded Kindara fertility. It’s a great looking basic charting app, although it lacks some of the features of OvuView. But it is free and easy to use and we don’t need much.


Yeah, there’s an app for that.

The couple behind it, Kati Bicknell and Will Sacks, are fantastic. They are both putting a lot of effort into not just promoting their company, but promoting FAM/NFP as good for women’s health. Kati has a great blog on charting and Will has put a lot of effort into building the company and building the app.


The two are interviewed in Dame Magazine and share how Kati found learning about her fertility to be “super cool” and how using the method brought them both closer together as a couple. It’s good to hear stories of couples who are happy with FAM/NFP and aren’t doing it for religious reasons.

I think CCL Family Foundations could use few stories about couples who met on the way to Burning Man. What do you think?

— 3 —

Another iPhone feature we have enjoyed is Siri. Letting the children talk to Siri is endless entertainment for them… and you.

Siri’s voice recognition isn’t quite as good as Apple would have you believe, so there’s been some misunderstandings, some funny, some annoying. For example, Siri has never heard of The Avett Brothers, but is more than willing to send me recommendations for veterinarians (“a vet”) when I asked about tickets to an upcoming show.

— 4 —

This week was the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. It’s been brutal.

With “standard” time down to only four months, I say pick a time and stick with it, already. It’s easier than getting sprung forward every year.

— 5 —


After posting about my issues with feminism, I found this in my twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.14.22 AM

Literal minded people who know how grammar works? Hmmm, what is this “non-movement feminist” business?

Basically, anyone who supports women’s equality is a “feminist”, whether or not one supports the “feminist movement”. I’m all for that. I have two daughters. I kind of have to be.

Still, I never would have used “feminist” to describe the belief that men and women are of equal worth and dignity. Instead, I would have used terms like “common sense” or “blindingly obvious“. But apparently, common sense isn’t.

But if that’s all it means to be a feminist, then I guess that makes me one, even though I am extremely critical of many aspects of the feminist movement. That’s another column for another time.

— 6 —

I feel the same way about the pro-life movement. I am pro-life, but very critical of many aspects of the pro-life movement.

Basically, if you see any contradiction between advocating for the unborn and supporting women, then you’re doing it wrong.

Yet another column for another time.

— 7 —

There is nothing worse than a conversation where one person is taking a figure of speech literally and the other person doesn’t understand the meaning of the word literally.

Person 1: “Put the lights out?” Do you mean literally? That doesn’t make sense.

Person 2: “Yes! Of course, I mean literally put the lights out!”

Person 1: “Ok, then…”


Thus the hazards of being literal minded and understanding what grammar means. No wonder Siri and I are such good friends. 🙂

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