Seven Quick Takes – Volume 11 (Am I Too Late?)

— 1 —

Seven Quick Takes are a bit late this week. I’ve had a busy Friday.

— 2 —

So, what made this Friday so busy? First, we had a holiday of sorts. K and I both work for a college and this week is Spring Break. As employees, we got the day off. It is not, however, Spring Break for our children (that’s the week after Easter). So, after dropping them off at school, we had the day to ourselves.

— 3 —

We decided to go for a hike because we rarely get to do that. We hiked 1.6 miles to a waterfall, then 1.6 miles back.


— 4 —

And we tracked the entire thing with our iPhones. The Map My Hike App uses GPS to track how far you hike. Your activity is then stored on the website. K had found out about the similar Map My Run app, so I figured there was something for hiking.


I find smartphones fascinating. I can track my hike, take fantastic pictures, and upload them to the internet in the middle of the woods from a device that fits in my pocket. Oh, and I got internet powered radio all the way to the trailhead.

When we first hiked the trail over 10 years ago, we had a brick sized dumbphone that got no reception.

— 5 —

We also had a potluck lenten supper at the children’s school.

Our parish has a Knights of Columbus fish fry, so we don’t do much of this, but potlucks are great for bringing together people. There was no tuna noodle casserole (thank goodness). Instead, it was some salad, some pizza, some vegetarian lasagna, and some fantastic soup, enchiladas, and rice from the owners of a local Mexican restaurant.

— 6 —

One of the nice things about sending your children to Catholic school is that they learn all about Jesus in their classes. Our younger daughter said that one of the things she liked about her new school was learning about Jesus because “Jesus is really amazing”.

The way she said it, I think she thinks he’s a superhero. (Which, in a way, he is…)

— 7 —

As for March Madness, for the first time in several years, I didn’t fill out a bracket. After realizing that my Alma Mater was going to be mediocre as usual, I stopped caring about college basketball season. Now that I no longer live in the “Triangle” Area of North Carolina, I no longer have to.

Besides, my school’s baseball team just soundly beat the baseball team of a big basketball school. It’s definitely best of me to skip March Madness and change sports.

And football season is just around the corner…

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