7 Quick Takes – Volume 15 (Lay it Down)

— 1 —

Some of you may have noticed that I went from 7QT – Volume 12 to 7QT Volume 14 and you may be wondering what happened to Volume 13. (Ok, I noticed, even if nobody else did.)

I wish I was that clever, but I’m just careless and can’t count. But the permanent URL for last week is there, so this week is Volume 15.

— 2 —

The big news last week is that my daughter got her first Holy Communion.


Receiving her rosary from the Knights of Columbus

I don’t remember much of my first communion. (It’s far less memorable for the boys. We don’t get the big white dresses, just a shirt and tie.)

We wanted to make it memorable for our daughter. We had her second reconciliation that morning. (Saturday morning confessions are awesome.)

The parish had a nice program. Communion was during the 5:15 Saturday mass. The children processed in with the priest. Each communicant had their own row reserved. The priest had a special homily for the first communicants. Then after mass, the Knights of Columbus presented them with rosaries.

Afterwards, we had a party with the family.

I’ve seen some parishes where the children just show up dressed up and don’t do it as a group. I don’t like that. It makes it seem unimportant, when first communion is a big deal. Hopefully, my daughter will remember far more of her first communion than I did of mine.

— 3 —

Rachel Held Evans had an interview with Jennifer Knapp earlier this week.

Summary: Jennifer Knapp was a popular folk rock Christian artist in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Then she disappeared. Then she came out as a lesbian. She released one more album in 2010.


Although I have a general contempt for most Christian music, I remember liking Knapp’s albums, but I hadn’t listened to them in years. I loaded the mp3s on to my iPhone for a listen.

The evangelical Christian lyrics can get a bit cloying after a bit, but lyrics aside, her first three albums are really good folk-rock albums. Kansas is a classic, although I really like her second album, Lay it Down. Good to have three more albums back in my rotation.

— 4 —

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a Catholic Marriage blogger? Check out Confessions of Two Catholic Marriage Bloggers over at Real Catholic Love and Sex!

— 5 —

This week, there have been several posts about bringing children to mass, including this one from Dr. Greg. The general consensus in the Catholic blogosphere is that children have every right to be at mass. “Let the little Children come to me.” right?

Unfortunately, Catholics don’t always do a good job of explaining their love of children or that mass is about worshipping as a community (babies and all), not about the worship service.

I say this because nobody bothered to explain this to us when our children were younger.

Growing up Catholic, I knew children always went to mass, but I never understood why. My earliest memories of mass is that it was extremely boring. My mother told me I one heckled the priest when I was three years old.

K was raised Protestant. In the tradition she grew up in, congregations show just how much they care about children and children by offering nursery service and “children’s church” to give the children something fun to do and to help the adults better appreciate “grown-up Church”.

So, when K found that the Catholic Church had NO nursery and NO children’s church, you can guess what she logically concluded…

Trying to explain why having little children at mass in my smart-ass bad Catholic way hasn’t been very effective. (“We go to mass to be with Jesus, dear, nobody really pays attention. The homilies aren’t that interesting. Trust me, you aren’t missing much.”)

But now that I think about it, children at mass isn’t for the parents or the children. It’s for the community. They need to see new life in the Church.

That and sometimes the priest needs to be heckled by a three year old. 🙂

— 6 —

This week, I found and actually took the time to read Melinda Selmys’s blog Sexual Authenticity. There is some FANTASTIC stuff on this blog (at least for those of us who like to geek out on sexuality and sprituality).

Melinda is a former lesbian who is now a married Catholic woman with six children and who describes her current sexuality as “queer”. Her insights are honest, refreshing, and thoughtful. This blog made me rethink a lot of the conventional wisdom in both the Catholic world and the secular world.

— 7 —

And here is a video of a cat dressed as a shark riding a roomba chasing a duck.

The Internet is over. Thank you for playing. We can all go home now.

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Volume 15 (Lay it Down)

  1. With 1st Communion, I wonder if it logistics.

    We have over 80 children in our parish, and broke it up into two Masses. Still everyone comes and the place is packed. Many parishioners are not regulars and start to get chatty about the party afterwards during the ending of Mass.

    It’s a little chaotic.

    When it is over 20 kids, it’s too much.

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