Life’s Rich Pageant

“All Part of Life’s Rich Pageant”

All in life’s rich pageant (tapestry)—All the things that make up life. The good. The bad. The exciting. The dull. Life is a tapestry, like Carole King sang about, and that everything that happens in life makes the different colors and patterns of the tapestry.

The phrase is sometimes used in an ironic way, mocking some sort of unfortunate event as “all part of life’s rich pageant”. This implies that life is governed by Murphy’s Law: A series of calamities until the last one. A famous example is by Inspector Clouseau in the movie A Shot in the Dark.

Inspector Clouseau opens car door and falls into a fountain.

Maria: “You should get out of these clothes immediately. You’ll catch your death of pneumonia, you will.”
Clouseau: “Yes, I probably will. But it’s all part of life’s rich pageant, you know?”

This blog is about everything. The things you aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company: Religion, sex, politics, money. Plus the more mundane and less controversial. Pretty much everything. At least anything I feel like writing about.

I first thought of the phrase as the title of R.E.M.’s fourth album. They are one of my favorite bands. Originally from Athens, GA, which is not too far from where I grew up.

Music lyrics and song titles can provide easy inspiration for blog posts. Especially from R.E.M. Sooner or later there will be a post about Losing My Religion or The End of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine).

I like to think of pop songs—at least the better ones—as being poetry set to music. Poetry seeks to inspire thoughts and emotions, riff on the reaction for a few paragraphs and you have a blog post.

So this is a blog of random thoughts of whatever I want to write about with occasional musical references.

Got it? Okay…

Legal: All rights reserved for all posts. Copyright 2012-2013.

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